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From Silver Bullets to Silver Platters – Why is the Best Digital Strategy a Human-Centred One?

23 May 2019
10:45 - 11:00

From Silver Bullets to Silver Platters – Why is the Best Digital Strategy a Human-Centred One?

“We need to be wary of ‘silver bullets’. A single product or solution hastily shot into an organisation is unlikely to lead to long-term, significant improvements. The WHS profession must adapt its approach to digital technology, in order to realise its full potential value.” – Rebecca Dabbs – Partner, WHS – Ernst & Young, Australia

This report seeks to guide the WHS profession through some of the above mentioned challenges. By framing questions we should be considering, by providing suggested frameworks and approaches to better manage WHS digital technology initiatives, this is a call for the profession to adapt its approach. The mindset must move from one of seeking “silver bullets” that will solve individual problems, to developing a “silver platter”; a raft of integrated, digital technology solutions, woven together through a human-centred approach that will improve the management of WHS.

The supporting report and interactive presentation urges WHS professionals to better leverage digital technology to address WHS challenges, and provides guidance for success. Only via a significant mindset shift will organisations stand to benefit from improved health and safety outcomes driven by effective digital technology implementation. Integrated, well-designed and embedded WHS digital technology initiatives are relatively rare. WHS professionals need to shift their mindset towards a human-centred approach to make the most of digital technology.

We support the audience through this learning journey, by addressing the following key learning objectives using an interactive approach and case study examples where relevant:

  1. Digital technology is changing health and safety: We must adapt
  2. Shifting our approach: From “silver bullets” to “silver platters”
  3. Current state of play: Reflecting on today’s position
  4. The critical questions: How digital technology will impact WHS
  5. Digital technologies: A shared understanding Covering some of the foundational digital technology concepts
  6. WHS and digital technology: Assessing organisational maturity
  7. A better WHS digital technology model: Three key elements of successful digital initiatives
  8. WHS digital technology initiatives: The influence of non-digital factors
  9. Where to from here? Actions to leverage the value of digital technology