Safety Institute of Australia

Vibrant sites – a new paradigm for safety culture

22 May 2019
10:45 - 11:00

Vibrant sites – a new paradigm for safety culture

HSE has traditionally had a stereotypic view of being compliance-driven. More and more we hear about changing behaviour to promote positive approaches to working safely. My presentation focuses on an alternative way of using language and activities that blends HSE with business operation. I briefly spoke about vibrant sites at a recent international conference and received very positive feedback that this concept may be the way of operating in the near future. I’d like to present a case study of the work done to date. The learnings and initiatives are transferrable to other businesses.

A vibrant site is evidenced by diversity, safety, talent, high performance and financial sustainability.

  • Integrating safety culture into the day-to-day is a complex change initiative, transforming attitudes and behaviours. Local ownership leads to increased responsiveness and update. This drives behaviour change and commitment.
  • Develop and nurture a shared language at all levels of the organisation to enhance communication and collaboration
  • Position safe work to be as important as good business outcomes.
  • Use existing initiatives or create new ones that integrate company values.