Mindfulness in Safety – Unlocking Safety Engagement and Performance

22 May 2019
11:30 - 12:00

Mindfulness in Safety – Unlocking Safety Engagement and Performance

Think about your safety culture. Are people engaged? Is it positive? And how much effort is required to achieve the safety outcomes you aim for?

Now think about when your people are taught new safety skills. Ever wondered why they aren’t uniformly applied resulting in different safety outcomes?

And what about culture? Why is it so difficult to change within an organisation?

The answers to these questions are all connected, and they relate to the mind.

To achieve high-level safety performance, we need a workforce that is engaged and positive about safety, not only their own but their work mates as well. But if workers don’t believe in processes supporting safety, they will resist them, and in some cases, actively work against them.

People bring a wide range of beliefs to the workplace. Because these beliefs strongly influence their behaviour, understanding the source of people’s beliefs is critical. The challenge lies in developing understanding of the mind, how our thinking is influenced by beliefs and how to shape these beliefs to support the high-performance outcomes demanded in today’s workplace.

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